MTX-L installation

I’m now about 85% done with the installation of the Innovative MTX-L and I’ve done all the dirty and difficult bits.

The first part was to route the wires from the O2-sensor on the left side collector pipe to the gauge. Routing the wire around the gearbox and through the firewall got me really dirty but I found a good path in the end.

Next up was to get power and ground wires from the front of the car to under the passenger seat. As the instructions said to avoid noisy grounds I chose the ground point in front of the instruments rather than below the dash as that is were the radio grounds to. That also meant I needed to relocate the ground for the lambda-box to make sure that there is no voltage difference between them.

All of the above is finished so the only thing left to do is to connect all the wires to the gauge and then calibrate the sensor before starting the engine.

Interior of a Porsche 911 SC with the passenger seat removed and an Innovative MTX-L under installation

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2 Responses to MTX-L installation

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    I’m about to do the same thing in a 78 Targa with an 80 engine and O2 computer. Are you going to use the MTX-L analog output to feed the O2 computer. If so where are you going to splice it? It would be interesting to compare notes on this. It’s funny I stumbled on this as your blog came up while I was searching for insights into my “ignition key out but alternator light on problem”. My alternator is only feeding the battery at about 11.2 volts. My thinking is that it is the diodes.

  2. 911scowner says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’m glad you found the blog and I hope it might help you solve your alternator problem. I removed mine and had it professionally tested, a great way to rule out the diodes.

    I do plan to feed the lambda box with the analog outputs from the MTX-L. First off I’ll just connect the one with a narrowband simulation to the box but my goal is to do the “trick” described in this thread at Pelican Parts,

    To splice it in, I’ll cut the wire to the old lambda sensor and connect that wire and the output from the MTX-L to a switch. That way it will be easy to cut the signal when you want to adjust the base mix.

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