Back to black and a drive to Lidingö

Showing the color shift of applying Mothers back to black to the bumperettes of a Porsche 911 SCAfter re-reading an Excellence mag article about a so called 20-footer I decided my car might also benefit from a Mothers Back-to-Black treatment. The product arrived this week and today I spent some time applying it to the outside rubber parts of the car.

The result was a worthwhile color shift from grey-ish to almost black. In some places wax-spillage is still visible but I believe that a few more applications will deal with those as well. From reviews I’ve read the re-found blackness should last well as long as the car is not out in the sun a lot. We’ll see. In the image above you can, hopefully, see the difference.

Later in the afternoon I took my girlfriend for a drive out to Lindingö. We did a stop at Gåshaga brygga and had some strawberries before turning back and finding some nice, scenic back roads.

A petrol blue Porsche 911 SC in a crossroad

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