A blue Porsche 911 SC and a Porsche 944 parked on a racetrackThis Monday I attended a track day on Sveistad raceway. It’s a track I know from a one day race course I took a few years back (driving Formula Renault single seaters) but I’ve never been there in a 911 before.

From Stockholm it’s about two hours drive to the raceway. I met up with a friend nearby for a burger before heading out on the track. The track was open for three hours and I managed three stints ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. The track is quite small but has some nice corners and one longer straight. I decided to take it easy on the car so I rarely revved it more than 5000 rpm and let off the throttle halfway down the straight in order to not risk a brake loss (the brake fluid is not that fresh).

What I did was to go as fast as possible through the turns instead. The first stints I tried to be as smooth as possible to get to know the car and find the limits. I was a good learning experience and a lot of fun. During the last stint I tried to provoke the car a bit more with mid turn lift-offs to get a better feel for how the car reacts to that. While the SC doesn’t have the widow maker reputation of the 930, the rear engine dynamic is still there and the rear steps out, although not quite as abrupt as I expected.

I made an attempt to film a few laps but unfortunately my camera holder could not keep up with the g-forces so all I got was a close up of my back :/

The two hour drive back to Stockholm went well and the car took the whole day in stride, impressive for a 30+ year old!

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One Response to Trackday

  1. tom kentish says:

    I have a 1978 ROW SC originally in petrol blue color, which is how I found your thread. Fantastic color and good reading – thank you.

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