Thursday drive

A petrol blue Porsche 911 SC parked on a street

I’ve just come back from an hour long drive around Stockholm after dropping off my girlfriend at the airport. Planning my route on Google Maps I found a small but nice looking road that turned out to be on of the best I’ve driven so close to Stockholm. It was really twisty and going up to third was rare. Great stuff but no opportunity to take any pictures, so one from earlier this summer will have to do.

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2 Responses to Thursday drive

  1. Franco says:

    Hello there

    Congrats for your sweet ride and very cool blog! Your road trips are just amazing. I’ve got myself an Euro 81 SC, it was never rebuilt and is in a really good shape. Unfortunately, here in Brazil, especially in my region, there are just a few roads, really short ones, which I can enjoy. And if I try our regular roads I will have to face potholes and bad drivers on my way, which is not cool, once is quite expensive to maintain a 911 around here, even though it is a SC. Once again, congrats for your blog!

    • 911scowner says:


      Thank you for your kind words about the blog, I’m glad you enjoy it.

      Too bad you don’t have good roads around, 911s are best when you drive them, but on the other hand you can drive it all year round. Here in Sweden I only get to drive the car 6-7 months each year.

      Good luck with your car!

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