Engine out

A petrol blue Porsche 911 SC with the engine taken outYesterday dad came by and helped me to take the engine out. It went mostly according to plan and there was no real drama getting the car high enough to roll the engine out on its cart.

Once the engine was out we first took the starter off and then the transmission. The clutch didn’t look too bad but it was definitely not new either (this is how it is with a car without a proper history, you never know what you will find) so it will be replaced altogether. The flywheel looked ok but it will have to come off so I can replace the rear crank oil seal. That will also allow me to measure the flywheel to make sure it’s not worn out (as I suspect it might be). Last but not least we removed the clutch fork, it will be cleaned and thoroughly inspected for cracks.

To get the flywheel off I need to buy a XZN M12 bit. Once I have that and get the flywheel off I know what parts I need and can make an order. While I wait for the parts to arrive I will clean the engine and transmission as well as the underside of the car. I also have to clean the CV joints so I can decide if they can be reused or if they need to be replaced too.

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4 Responses to Engine out

  1. Michael Shepard says:

    I found your wonderful diary of your 911 SC while reviewing some websites posted on the net.
    Like you I purchased a 911 SC this past November (2014). I have the anxiety to drive it however, have come across issues that can be fixed. I am impressed with your hands on experience. I don’t have that much automotive experience though I have tools and am a building maintenance man by trade. So reading your blog got me very excited. I appreciate your pictures and comments. I reflect upon when I first drove my car home which was a approx. 162 miles (261 km) from dealership to my house. Just like you I couldn’t wait to get the car titled in my name and drive it. I needed to purchase original fuchs as the car had cup 2 17″ on them (wrong). To make a short story long, I have come across several issues that have taken me to Pelican Parts.
    I truly enjoy reading about your adventures of your wonderful car. I wish you all the best, and will continue to follow you.
    Respectfully, Michael

    • 911scowner says:

      I’m glad you enjoy the blog and wish you the best of luck with your car. It can feel overwhelming at times but with the help of the great 911 community it you can do almost anything you want if you have the patience and are willing to learn.

  2. Wilson says:

    Hey buddy,
    Love your blog. Very informative. I recently bought my 1981 Porsche 911 SC in two weeks ago in Australia and it is still at the mechanic addressing some minors issue. I hope to transport it back to the state I live in. Can you share your knowledge on what is involve to drop the engine out of the car? I am thinking of dropping my in the future to do some work myself. This old girl need all the loving I can “afford” to give. There are tons of work to do, but I am sure you would agree with me they are labour of love to the car we can to enjoy. Anyway, looking forward to your next blog.
    Take care (your old girl). Cheers.


    • 911scowner says:

      You should have a look at tripleblack911.com. Not sure if that is your part of Australia, but Al is on Tasmania last I heard. As for dropping the engine, get the 101 projects book and look at threads on PP and take your time with a set of helping hands, it’s not that hard really

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