Flywheel and driveshafts


I’ve now spent another few hours in the garage and managed to get all the CV-joints apart and to unbolt the flywheel.

Thanks to a recently acquired 600 mm breaker bar the flywheel bolts came off easy, except for the two where a PO had partially stripped the heads. Out came the hammer and with a deep breath I tapped the XZN bit into the bolt. Luckily, they both came off once the bit was in place. A great relief as having to resort to grinding them down would have delayed me considerably.

Disassembly of the driveshafts were smooth, if messy, sailing but as I suspected they were all past their best with pitting and/or severe wear on all parts.

Now I need to find someone who can resurface the flywheel, or if its worn out, order a new one.

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4 Responses to Flywheel and driveshafts

  1. Franco says:

    Nice work!
    I wish I know anything about mechanicals work so I could work myself on my SC.
    I rely only in third party services, and that costs me a lot. The worst part is, I am not sure if they did a good job.

    • 911scowner says:

      If you have a garage and some tools there are a lot of things you can do yourself. Get the books and start with the easy stuff to build confidence, it’s very rewarding 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    Excellent blog, thanks for sharing all your good experiences and moments. I recently bought an 79 SC myself and looking forward to the journey 🙂
    A danish SC owner !

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