Engine back in


Today dad came by to help me finish the last things and to reinstall the engine. I had fitted the flywheel earlier so we began with the clutch and that came together without any problems.

After the clutch was done we moved on to the cross shaft bushings. Getting them into position took a while but once in place the shaft and clutch fork followed in quick succession.

Mating the gearbox to the engine was very straightforward and right before lunch we rolled the complete package back in under the car, ready to go in.

Picking up after lunch we began lowering the car over the engine while making sure nothing got stuck or bent. The gear selector shaft was a tight fit but once that was in the clear we could bolt up the transmission mounts and the heater hosers.

After bolting up the rear mounts we began connecting all the electrical wires, oil lines and adjusted the clutch. We also got the anti roll bar in place before attempting to assemble one of the driveshafts. That turned out to be a bit harder than expected so we decided to end the day there.

There is still some work to do but today we took some great strides towards getting the car back on the road.



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