A blue Porsche 911 SC in front of an old castleOn Thursday we drove to Grisslehamn and took the ferry to Eckerö, Åland. We then spent the night at beautiful Björnhufvud B&B; waking up rested today, ready to explore the other islands.

From Björnhufvud we drove northeast on entertaining roads for about an hour to see the views from the rocks at Havsvidden. Due to cold winds and rain we didn’t stay very long and decided to drive south to Kastelholms slott (pictured above) and grab a lunch at Smakbyn.

The ferry back to Sweden left at 18:30 so that left us with some time to also visit Degersand and the post & customs museum.

The car has run fine throughout and it feels really good to drive it for almost two full days after spending a lot of time in the garage the past months.

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4 Responses to Åland

  1. Michael- says:

    Nice, I am proud of you and look forward to working on my SC. Good luck on your travels.

    *”**Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world.**”* * Louis Armstrong*

  2. Suckho says:

    A photo from the summer of 2014. The same castle, similar car 🙂

  3. 911scowner says:

    That’s pretty cool, guess you didn’t see the no parking sign before the bridge 😉

  4. Suckho says:

    Well… It is not parked, the engine is running!

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