Back from the dead

A blue Porsche 911 SC under a drape

Last week I could finally start cleaning up in the garage after the construction work that has been going on for the past few months.

The workers had to cut a hole in the wall so there was a layer off dust on every single exposed thing in the garage. So I had to wet wipe all of my stuff and of course the shelves and floor as well.

I’m about 80% done now so it’s soon time to start this winters projects. First of all though I want to clean the car which will hopefully happen sometime this week.

A blue Porsche 911 SC parked in a garage

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One Response to Back from the dead

  1. Justin Hurst says:

    Hey mate, I feel your pain! It makes me appreciate how lucky we are in Australia to have year round driving of our classic cars. Just went for a mountain drive this morning…..hang in there!

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