The versatile sportscar

A blue Porsche 911 SC with a bookshelf loaded on the roof

On Thursday the car came to good use moving a bookshelf a few kilometers. Using a pair of old roof racks last used on my parents’ long ago sold Volvo 740 it was no problem getting the shelf from A to B.

The quite substantial puddle of oil gathering under the car every time I park have made me investigate the matter some more. I now believe the majority of the oil is coming from either a poor seal at the bottom of the ignition distributior or most likely a leaking cam tower oil feed line. Since neither is very expensive I’ll replace them both as soon as possible.

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One Response to The versatile sportscar

  1. Great to see it being used as an every day car. Here (Australia) 911’s are few and far between; I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with roof racks let alone with a load on like this!

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