At it again

A blue Porsche 911 SC with a bed on the roof

Over the weekend I had to move some more stuff so out came the trusty 911 šŸ˜€

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2 Responses to At it again

  1. Paul jones says:

    I like your 911 SC, I bought one myself about 4 weeks ago. I’m in the UK and you have given me a good idea to make a blog about the car and it’s working progress. Just wanted to ask, is your car totally original? Or have you made the trim chrome/ silver? And the Fuchs wheels silver too? Or is this standard? If you look at the chassis number it will tell you what year the car was manufactured iN? Mine was built in 1979 so it’s 188hp engine in right hand drive using 95 Ron fuel. I suspect yours maybe 1978 model? Registered in 1980. As far as I’m aware all the 1980 models came standard with black wheels and black trim, but I much prefer the older look like yours and this is how I intend to refresh my Porsche. Mine currently has the black trim and wheels as standard.

    • 911scowner says:

      Congratulations on becoming the owner of a 911!
      Mine is not original, the side trim has become silver over the years I suspect and the front window trim I’ve replaced to chrome a few years back. The finish on the wheels are a combination of wear and me removing some paint to get the RSR look.
      Good luck with your new car!

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