Solvalla sports car festival 

A blue Porsche 911 SC parked in front of other Porsches

Today I’m at the Solvalla sports car festival with a group of other Porsche enthusiasts. There are a lot of brand clubs here as well and there will also be touring car racing. 

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3 Responses to Solvalla sports car festival 

  1. Jeff Chua says:

    Hi, first of all I would like to say that I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the pictures. You have a really nice car, the SC has always been one of my favorite 911s. Aside from the great car, I cannot help but notice the beauty of Sweden and the different places you take your car to. I hope you will never lose your enthusiasm and passion in driving, fixing and maintaining your car. All the best. Safe and happy driving.

  2. jonathan chen says:

    911scowner — great blog. I’ve enjoyed visiting your page on-off since you started it. I’ve been away for past 3 years or so, but now back to following your updates regularly. Great work on the car, and great job with the pics and stories of your journeys and projects. I was lucky to visit Stockholm in Fall of ’15 — what a beautiful city!
    I own a silver ’83 SC in SoCal. After occupying myself with other hobbies in past 3 years, I will now return to working on my SC, bit by bit — currently sorting out issues with the sunroof.

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